Advance your career as a Scrum Master and unleash your full potential

I'm a certified Scrum Master, but I don't feel ready for the "real" world.
Have you caught yourself thinking this way? 

No worries, you are not the only one. Most Scrum Masters feel lost after their two or three-day certification training. But you already have everything inside of you to become an outstanding Scrum Master.

All you have to do is start your Scrum Master Journey and gain experience.
You will get everything you need to survive "in the wild." Additionally, you can access the community and exchange with like-minded people who are in the same situation you are currently in. And I will guide you on this journey. 

"But I don't have the time to learn new stuff."
The modules of the Scrum Master Journey are built so that you can use even short breaks to learn something new. Most videos are only between 5-15 minutes long. This way, you can consume the knowledge in small chunks that you can directly use in your daily work.

But maybe you want to get an idea of what is waiting for you inside the Scrum Master Journey? Then go and get your self-reflection guide. One of the exercises of the first module of the journey.

Easily handle any situation a land a new Scrum Master job.

The job of a Scrum Master is one of the most fulfilling things in life. But most Scrum Master struggle after the certification with the missing respect in their organization, old and sturdy company cultures, missing understanding of agile on management level, and a team that relies on their Scrum Master and is not ready for real self-management. That's where the Scrum Master journey comes into play.

Direct exchange with Marc

[...] At the same time, I like the whole concept. It's like getting your driver's license. You need to start driving to gain experience. Marc is providing a safe driving program for the certified Scrum Master. In this program, we cover topics that every Scrum Master and Agile Coach should know about. As a member of the Scrum Master Journey, I can learn about the concepts via video or "old school" by printing out the booklets with all the exercises. [...] Additionally, I can swap ideas with the other member of the journey or get in contact with Marc. [...] I'm already looking forward to upcoming content.

Joachim Klühspies
Agile Coach, Intelligence AG

Perfect fit to prepare for my upcoming challenges

Thank you very much for your fascinating Scrum Master Journey. I even bought a paper notebook for my own journey. I really like the flexible format that allows me to suspend my learning or repeat specific sessions. I already learned a lot about myself in my role as a Scrum Master in the first module. As a freshly baked Scrum Master, this program is the perfect fit to prepare me for my upcoming tasks and challenges.

Jacob Brügmann
Scrum Master, Contist

The journey taught me the essential lessons

Already the first module got me stoked. In 2017 I got certified as a Scrum Master, but the Scrum Master journey taught me the essential lessons of being a Scrum Master. Especially how and what I can do to actively help my team. Marc created something that has the potential to become evergreen. The journey never really ends, and I will come back again and again.

Bodo Runde
Scrum Master, BCM Solutions GmbH

I can warmly recommend the Scrum Master Journey

Marc delivers valuable ideas and practical approaches. With his impulses, he gets me thinking - with passion. I enjoyed attending some of his live webinars and bought more of his courses. Marc places humans in the center of his work. His PASSION model delivers a clear structure on creating an environment for agile teams focusing on individuals. [...] Already, the first module was like a valuable mirror to learn more about myself and my perspective as a Scrum Master. I can warmly recommend the Scrum Master Journey.

Steffen Schäffner
Scrum Master, Qognify GmbH


Get your self-reflection guide now!

Course Benefits

Become your own Scrum master?

The first step to become a great Scrum Master is to reflect on yourself, your values, your skills and your key strength.

Change the culture of your company

Learn how to understand and influence the culture of your organization to create a real agile environment where any Scrum team can thrive.

unleash the full potential of your team

Learn how to help people to find and use there full potential in your Scrum team to pave the road to high performing teams.

become a agile Leader

A Scrum Master is a true leader. Therefore it is important to understand the concepts of agile leadership to lead your team and your organization into an agile future.

Foster real self-Management

Self-management is no fast selling item. Learn how to foster real self-management in your team to become an ant-fragile organization.

Survive in a hybrid world

There is no way back to „normal“. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work forever. Learn how to stay connected with your team even in a remote or hybrid team setup.

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Hi, I'm Marc

Since I started with agile in 2005, it has become my passion. I worked as Scrum Master for various companies, big and small. I especially enjoyed doing retrospectives, which resulted in my book "Improving Agile Retrospectives," published in the Mike Cohn series. I genuinely believe that the job as a Scrum Master can be one of the most fulfilling jobs out there. Unfortunately, there are various reasons that can make the role of a Scrum Master difficult and ineffective. Most Scrum Masters start with certification training and are left alone afterward. That is the reason why I created the Scrum Master Journey. While mentoring numerous Scrum Masters over the last years, I identified the key areas standing in the way to becoming an outstanding Scrum Master. In the Scrum Master Journey online program, I'll show you actionable techniques based on practical experience to help you on your own journey.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and being your Scrum Master guide. Because we need more outstanding Scrum Masters, and you can be one of them.

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